Kenny Britt Stars in a Close Defeat

The Tennessee Titans offseason was headlined by the holdout of star tail back Chris Johnson. Tennessee ended up rewarding Johnson with a 4 year $53 million deal; however Johnson did nothing to return the favor on Sunday in a game against the division rival Jaguars. Most of the time a player holds out for an extended period of time and misses the majority preseason, they more often than not start off the season slow, or end up getting sidelined with a hamstring injury, ala Darrelle Revis, Michael Strahan, etc. So do not be surprised by Johnson’s mediocre play over the next couple of weeks.

The Jaguars dominated the Titans for most of the game on Sunday, until Hasselbeck completed a ridiculous pass to Kenny Britt. Hasselbeck was running away from pressure on the play and was hit from behind just as he released the ball and floated the pass right to Britt who caught it and took it straight up the left sideline for an 80 yard touchdown, shortening the Jaguars lead 13 to 7.

The Jaguars added three more points early in the fourth quarter extending their lead 16 to 7. On the next possession Tennessee answered with another touchdown catch by Kenny Britt, who finished the day with 5 receptions and 136 yards receiving.

With the score at 16 to 14 the Titans were able to stop the Jaguars and give themselves one more shot at a field goal to win the game. However, Hasselbeck was intercepted by Dwight Lowery on a deep pass to Britt, effectively ending the game.

Hasselbeck showed some promise in his first start with his new team, after playing for the Seahawks for many years. But for the Titans they are going to need more productivity out of Chris Johnson, who finished the game with 9 rushes for 24 yards, to compete on week to week basis.

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