Change of Plans, Titans Week 5 Game Time Adjusted to 3:25pm CT

Photo by MRQ/Icon SMI

For everyone who had their October 7, 2012 plans set in stone, the NFL really doesn’t care, they have moved the start time of the Titans week 5 match-up against the Vikings from 12:00 pm CT to 3:25 pm CT. The reason for this move is because of the Twin Cities Marathon that is being ran that Sunday morning, which starts near the Metrodome. The change in time is being done as a courtesy to the fans with tickets to the game, because marathons typically result in the closure of a lot of roads during the time of the run, which would make it difficult for the fans to get to the stadium. Let’s just hope this doesn’t throw a wrench into Munchak’s plans.

Also, take note of the later games no longer starting at 3:00 pm CT, but instead they are starting at 3:25 pm CT. This change was also made for you, the fans. Now you will have the opportunity to watch the early games to the end without having to miss the start of the later games. Thank you, NFL!

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