Titans Waive 11 to Trim Roster to 75; No Update on Britt


Photo by: WD/Icon SMI

With the first deadline to trim the roster, the Titans were forced to waive 11 players from their roster, and additionally, they placed one player on IR and another on the PUP. These moves were made to limit the Titans roster to the league requirement of 75 players, which will be cut again in about a week to the final 53 player roster. The players who the Titans told to meet the coaches and to bring their playbooks were the following: P/K Will Batson, G George Bias, WR Chase Deadder, RB Herb Donaldson, WR LaQuinton Evans, WR Marcus Harris, TE Joey Haynos, T Jonathan Palmer, S Christian Scott, QB Nick Stephensand C William Vlachos. The player added to the IT was WR Marc Mariani and it was S Markelle Martin added to the PUP. Marting will be available to return to the active roster after the first 6 weeks of the NFL season, at that point the Titans will either have to make room for him, cut him, or place on him on IR.

Additionally, the Titans have been pressuring the league offices to hurry up with their decision on Kenny Britt. Britt was arrested in the offseason for a DUI, and this is not his first time getting in trouble with the law while on the Titans. It is very likely that Britt will face a suspension, but Munchak wants to know for sure if he will be without his best receiver for the beginning of the 2012 season or not.

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