Chargers Romp Titans 38-10


Photo by: Icon SMI

I don’t even think Chargers fans knew who Dante Rosario was prior to Sundays game against the Titans, but now all Titans and Chargers fans will know of his name, at least for this season. But even without Rosario and his three touchdowns against the Titans weak defense, the Titans didn’t stand a chance in this game. I don’t know what happened to Chris Johnson, but only 21 yards on 19 carries after two games is not going to be enough for the Titans, or anyone, to win games in the NFL. Johnson is supposed to be the Titans offensive leader, the player who can carry the load and single handily lead the Titans to victory, however, he has been less than ineffective in his first two games, he has actually stalled drives and has had a negative impact on the game for the Titans.

What can the Titans do to fix this mess? Should they put the offense into Jake Lockers hands, or should they continue to try and establish the running game by feeding Johnson the ball. Whatever it is that the Titans decide to do, they need to find a solution now, because an 0-3 start to the season is a hole which may be too deep for the Titans to get out of.

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