Tennessee Looks For Second Win in Houston in Week 4

The Tennessee Titans looked like a new team this past Sunday against the now struggling Detroit Lions.  Their defense stepped it up and Jake Locker was able to get things going on the offensive side of the ball.  If they are able to keep this up, they could be one of the NFL picks to take this week against a great Houston Texans team.

The Titans defense really came alive this past Sunday and was able to make plays when the chips were down.  Sure, they allowed 41 points, but they were able to put together 3 touchdowns of their own before the game was over.  That’s right.  The team scored three touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball which helped them put the nail in the coffin of the game and send the Lions packing.  A lot of this was done on special teams, which makes them a dangerous club to play when they are punting and kicking off.  If they can keep this up, things will certainly start looking good for the team.

Of course, they are playing a scarily good Houston Texans team this week, so they will need to be good on both sides of the ball.  Because of this, Locker will need to keep his game play to the level of what it was this past Sunday against the Lions.  He threw for 378 yards with two touchdowns on the day and had only one turnover that was his fault.  He has great targets in Jared Cook and Nate Washington, so he will certainly have plenty of options against the Texans defensive unit.

The Titans will need to stay tough on both sides of the ball this coming week if they wish to stand a chance against one of the best teams in the league in the Houston Texans.  If they can get some turnovers and Locker can spread the ball around, they will certainly be able to cover the +12 points they are allotted for the game.

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