Titans Look to Continue Turning Season Around

After looking atrocious in the first two weeks of the season, the Tennessee Titans turned things around in week 3 and gained a much needed victor over a sloppy Detroit Lions team.  They will need to dig even deeper this week, as they are playing one of the only undefeated teams that remains in the league in the Houston Texans.  If they can maintain their inspired defense from week 3 and get the ball in the air with quarterback Jake Locker, they have a chance of giving Houston their first loss on the season.

Although they allowed a whopping 41 points this past Sunday against the Lions, the Tennessee defense more than made up for it with an even more surprising three touchdowns on the day.  They did so by running back punts and capitalizing on missed opportunities on Detroit’s end, which allowed the Titans the chance to take home the win.  They are playing a more effectively ran offense this week, so they will have to keep their wits sharp if they want to keep the wins coming in Tennessee.

One way to push for a victory is to get an effective offense rolling early on.  Jake Locker, while not the best QB in the lag, certainly has the talents to get the job done.  If he can get the ball spread around to players like Jared Cook, Nate Washington and Chris Johnson, the team may be able to stump the often intimidating Houston D.  If not, it may be a very long day for this Titans franchise.

Consistency is the name of the game for the Titans this week against the Texans.  The NFL odds have the Titans at +12 for the day, so covering may not be a problem, but winning sure will be.  They will need to use their defense and Jake Locker effectively throughout if they wish to not get embarrassed.

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