Back to Hasselbeck for Titans

As if matters couldn’t have gotten any worse on Sunday… The Tennessee Titans were crushed by their AFC South rivals, the Houston Texans in Week 4, and they were dropped to just 1-3 on the season. However, as if to just add salt to the wound, QB Jake Locker was knocked out of the game with a  shoulder injury, and it doesn’t seem likely that he is going to be ready to go for this week’s trek to the Metrodome against the Minnesota Vikings.

As 5 ½-point underdogs for NFL picks, the Titans are going to need everything that they have in order to have a shot of beating the upstart Vikes. However, with Locker appearing to be out of the fold, it is going to be up to QB Matt Hasselbeck to pick up the slack.

The veteran Hasselbeck has settled into his role as Locker’s backup and mentor, but he just didn’t do enough on the field when his number was called last week to make it matter. The Titans were only down 14-0 when Hasselbeck came into the game, and he led them on a touchdown drive to cut the deficit in half. Still, when push came to shove, the vet was picked off twice, and both interceptions came back for touchdowns, and that just can’t happen against Minnesota.

More bad news for Hasselbeck? He has had a terrible career against the Vikings. The former Seattle Seahawk has played against Minnesota five times, and he has five touchdown, five picks, and just an 82.4 quarterback rating against it. Hasselbeck has also averaged just 153.2 yards per game against the Vikings, and he only has two teams that he has played against as a starter more than once that he has a lower average of passing yards per game against.

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