Titans vs. Bears Game Preview


Photo by: Icon SMI

The Tennessee Titans hopes of ending the first half of the season with a 4-4 record and a heading into the second half of the season with a 3-game winning streak was ended with a 13-19 loss against the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans recent success has been directly related to the recent success of their star running back, Chris Johnson. This week the Titans will look to continue to make progress towards becoming a wildcard contended in the weak AFC, but they will be going up against one of the elite defenses in the NFL, the Chicago Bears.

The Bears are 6-1 and are currently riding an impressive 5-game winning streak. But the biggest challenge for the Titans will be trying to move the ball on the ground against the toughest run defense in the NFL. So far in the 2012 NFL season, the Chicago Bears have the number one ranked run defense, giving up an average of only 77 rushing yards per game. Their pass defense is a little more giving, only ranking as the 19th best, however, they do what all defenses strive to do, prevent their opponents from scoring, and force turnovers.

For the Titans to have a chance to win this game they can’t test the weaknesses of the Bears defense, instead they will need to try to take advantage of what they do well. The Titans will have to try and establish a running game against the Bears stingy defense. It won’t be easy, but that’s why the Titans pay Chris Johnson the big bucks.

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