Titans vs. Jaguars: Game Preview

The Tennessee Titans (4-6) will be visiting the EverBank Field today to face their AFC South Rival the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9). Coming off a bye-week, the Titans are well rested and will be welcoming back their starting QB, Jake Locker who has missed five games due to a shoulder injury.

The Titans are hoping to make a wining run in their last six games of the season and hopefully make the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Coming off the momentum of their 37-3 thrashing of the Dolphins, the Titans have had a whole week to rest and prepare very well for today’s game.

In today’s game I don’t expect the Titans to have problems putting points on the scoreboard, as the Jaguars defense is one of the worst in the League. The Jaguars offense may make big plays and try to recreate last week’s scare against the Houston Texans, but if the Titans exploit the defense earlier on, they can win this game. In defense, the Jaguars are ranked 28th in passing yards allowed per game, 29th in rushing yards and points allowed per game, and 31st in yards per game. The Titans will have to take advantage of this weakness in defense and put many points on the scoreboard early on in the game.

Game Details:
Date: 11/24/2012
Time: 1:00pm EST
Stadium: EverBank Field
TV Broadcast: CBS

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